Practice Areas

Business Entity Formation, Contracts and Trademark Applications

When you want your business to get off to a good start and want to make sure that your rights are protected, you need an attorney who has the experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your business is formed correctly, your contracts are in good order and your business name is protected through the trademark process. Contact MJC Law at 310-968-0649 immediately and let us help you with the myriad tasks that must be taken care of to protect your business. We provide services all over the state of California to businesses who are just getting started as well as those who are well-established.

Landlord / Tenant

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, when you enter into a lease agreement for a piece of real estate in Los Angeles, West Hollywood or Santa Monica, you are entering into a binding legal contract. You need to ensure that you fully understand that contract and that it is being properly followed. That is where MJC Law can help. Attorney Michael J. Callon and the team at MJC Law are here to represent both landlords and tenants in all aspects of tenant and landlord law.

Medical Marijuana Compliance

Whether you have already opened a medical marijuana dispensary or hope to launch one in the near future, you can benefit from Michael J Callon's in-depth legal counsel. Eager to ensure that you are able to provide an alternative medical solution to those who require it, Michael Callon can prepare you for the potential legal pitfalls of opening a medical marijuana dispensary. Reach out to MJC Law today to learn more about the firm's diverse range of legal services.

Real Estate

Real estate is a primary practice area at MJC Law. Michael J Callon provides counsel and drafting services for a variety of clients, including aspiring homeowners, business owners, developers, investors, and landlords. Clients greatly appreciate his hands-on, results-driven approach to real estate law.