Medical Marijuana Compliance

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, but the industry is heavily regulated. Noncompliance can result not only in dispensaries being shut down, but also harsh criminal penalties. Thus, it is imperative that those who aspire to run dispensaries successfully complete all essential contracts and secure necessary documentation. Michael J Callon provides much-needed counsel throughout the entirety of this process; his assistance minimizes the risk for compliance issues down the road.

Obtaining Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Many considerations must be made before dispensary licenses can be secured. First, it is important to consider ordinances for the city in which you wish to open your dispensary. Although medical marijuana is legal in California, many municipalities have banned dispensaries. Michael Callon has an extensive background in both zoning and medical marijuana law, and can thus help you fight back against unjust zoning restrictions.

Once legality has been determined, the next step is to obtain licensure. Under current laws, your dispensary must be opened as a collective, and not as a non-cooperative, for-profit venture. Michael Callon can help you ensure that your dispensary abides by all of the legal parameters set in place by California’s Senate Bill 420. Compliance issues can be stressful and costly, so look to MJC Law to prevent them from arising in the first place.

Other Medical Marijuana Concerns

After basic business licenses have been drafted and thoroughly analyzed, a variety of other contracts must also be completed. Transportation agreements must be drafted to ensure that marijuana is legally transported to your dispensary. Collective and cultivation agreements are also essential. These and other contracts can be drafted and reviewed by Michael J Callon, who, in addition to his thorough understanding of medical marijuana law, possesses an impressive track record as a business and contracts lawyer.

MJC: Trusted Counsel For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Whether you have already opened a medical marijuana dispensary or hope to launch one in the near future, you can benefit from Michael J Callon’s in-depth legal counsel. Eager to ensure that you are able to provide an alternative medical solution to those who require it, Michael Callon can prepare you for the potential legal pitfalls of opening a medical marijuana dispensary. Reach out to MJC Law today to learn more about the firm’s diverse range of legal services.