Real Estate

Real estate is a primary practice area at MJC Law. Michael J Callon provides counsel and drafting services for a variety of clients, including aspiring homeowners, business owners, developers, investors, and landlords. Clients greatly appreciate his hands-on, results-driven approach to real estate law.

CAR Forms

Created by the legal department of the California Association of Realtors, CAR forms are used to draft a variety of important real estate contracts, including listing agreements, rental agreements, purchase agreements, and more. Intimately familiar with these forms, Michael J Callon provides valuable counsel for those in the midst of negotiating and drawing up necessary contracts.

Purchase Agreements

One of the most essential real estate contracts, purchase agreements outline the rights of the buyers and sellers involved in real estate transactions. In addition to drafting new residential and commercial purchase agreements, Michael J Callon analyzes existing agreements to ensure that they are in his clients’ best interests. Those who apply his feedback are able to prevent future real estate disputes.

Lease and Rental Agreements

Although many of the clients Michael Callon represents are entrepreneurs and aspiring homeowners, he also works extensively with landlords and tenants. When either drafting and/or reviewing lease and rental agreements, he carefully examines all terms of each lease, ensuring that the rights of those he represents will not be compromised in any way. Additionally, he offers counsel for those who wish to change the terms of an existing lease. This can be a very complicated process, so it necessitates effective strategy from a skilled real estate lawyer.

Zoning Law

Los Angeles zoning laws are notoriously complex, but through his many years of work as a real estate lawyer, Michael Callon has gained an impressive understanding of land use law as it applies to the state of California. As a land use and zoning attorney, he advises developers and business owners on available uses. His skillful evaluation of potential zoning issues allows him to accurately predict any disputes that may arise — and prepare accordingly. Although he primarily works with Los Angeles residents, he is also willing to advise clients living in other California municipalities.

MJC Law: Diligent Real Estate Counsel

A notoriously knowledgeable and professional lawyer, Michael J Callon provides the high caliber of counsel needed to prevent future real estate disputes. His impressive understanding of California zoning regulations and the local real estate market make him an ideal resource to turn to as you prepare to sign important real estate contracts.